Consultant Oral Surgeon


Last updated 9th March 2021

Despite entering national lockdown again access to treatment is still available as normal. You are still allowed to attend for your appointments. Please do not delay your treatment if it is needed.

Please rest assured, your access to treatment is still allowed under the new guidelines and you are encouraged to attend your appointments as normal. All the sites that I work out of have been risk-assessed and considered Covid-19 Green sites. We are taking every single precaution to stay that way by using all the appropriate PPE.

Please do not delay your consultation and/or treatment as that might affect your condition and put your health at risk. Also we can not predict how the Covid-19 situation might progress and although access to treatment is still available now, the situation might not be the same in the near future.

I continue to be available for Face-to-Face consultations as well as Telephone and Video consults for all my patients at multiple sites. Operating is continuing during this New National Restriction at all those sites for private patients. Please give us a call on 07443590118 or fill in the below form to organise your appointment.