Consultant Oral Surgeon


Oral Surgery Specific CPD webinars including management of medically compromised patients. The webinars have reached more than 85 countries! The topics that I have covered are below. I have also collaborated with other colleagues to bring to you a wider variety of topics and will continue to update and add to them regularly

“Really interesting and relevant content. Well delivered. My knowledge has been improved greatly. Certainly will try and attend all the rest of these webinars.”

“Excellent delivery and presentation style! Has given me greater confidence in management of wisdom teeth. Thank you!”

“Excellent webinar series so far. Mr Theodossy is both informative and succinct. Stays on topic and address all topics a GDP or DWSI would need to know about. Excellent communication skills. Thank you very much!”

“Excellent course. Very Clear, simple to understands and just the right amount of information to help the general dentist”

“I love these webinars – always jam packed with lots of relevant and useful information and just the right length. Great!”

“An excellent overview and really useful diagrams/pictures of the clotting mechanisms. Really well explained and gained new insight into how well linked the two processes of coagulation and platelets are linked.”

“Another fantastic webinar. Highly informative and always made relevant to clinical practice especially how we take histories. Perfect balance between providing the most up to date and robust evidence as well as expert opinion based on years of experience. Thank you once again Mr Theodossy, the series so far has been the best!”

“As always, excellent course, very clincally oriented and relevant to everyday practice, very easy to grasp the information and understand. Thank you again Dr Theodossy!”

“A brilliant webinar. Suturing and wound management has been a big topic on my PDP and certain challenges I have faced with suturing were addressed in the webinar with really useful tips on how to overcome these. Thank you so very much for these webinars. Mr Theodossy is an exceptional teacher and clearly has a good team around him to put these highly professional and education webinars together at such short notice. I have never encountered technical issues but any queries I have had Karen has been wonderful in getting back to me ASAP. Thank you, well done and we now know you definitely have a place in movie production as well as oral surgery!”

To view the content and aims and objectives of each webinar please click on this link

The webinars have been recorded and are available to view on the platform. CPD certificates will be issued following attendance of those webinars.

The webinars can be purchased as a pay as you go option (£10 each) or the entire webinar series (£50)